Our vision is to see Anglican churches in Mozambique and Angola growing and thriving in God's holistic mission through self-sufficient dioceses

Our history of working alongside these churches & rural communities goes back over 100 years.

Supporting MANNA means you are enabling these churches to thrive and effect their communities in the reduction of poverty and fighting injustice and following Jesus.

These communities all face problems of lack of access to clean water, good sanitation, education and clinics and it is often the people of church who are working hard on the ground to fight these injustices.

We seek to help them do this. Can you help us?

Hear more stories about rural churches & communities in Mozambique & Angola.

Latest News

Church Growth

The churches in Mozambique & Angola are growing fast. MANNA seeks to support this growth with resources, training, buildings and more. Read on to find out how we do this.

Community Development

Supporting home-grown church community development, education & health projects are some of the best ways to impact extreme poverty. Discover some of the projects we support:


Working together with a wide variety of global partners to support the Anglican communities in Mozambique & Angola means we can do more and and do it better.


For the churches, sometimes the hardest things to get support for are the most needed… e.g. paying salaries, fixing vehicles & broken buildings. When MANNA can support these needs, it enables the churches to focus on mission & ministry in their communities.