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Day 2: Ordination


#Then: This photo is from 1918 and is of the 2nd Bishop of Lebombo, John Latimer Fuller ordaining a priest Rev Joseph Matoho Mapanga in the now Lebombo diocese. So much of the old magazines are asking for more missionaries from the UK to come and be priests in Mozambique and for funds to support them. Today the cry is different.

#Now: Today, the Dioceses of Lebombo, Niassa & Angola continue to ask for more local Mozambicans and Angolans to train as priests but also there is a real need for better theological education for the new priests coming through and the existing clergy and catechists.

Lord Jesus, we pray for the clergy in Mozambique and Angola and for their theological education. We pray for better resources, teachers and a renewed focus & strategy. Amen.  

With thanks to the Bodleian Libraries, The University of Oxford and USPG Archives.

USPG Periodicals: Lebombo Leaves, 1918