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Day 5: Church Buildings


#Then: This church was, back in 1924, the new church for this local Anglican community in Maciene. What excitement there must have been for a beautiful new building to enable everyone to worship together and proclaim the gospel to those who had not heard.

#Now: This building is still standing today, albeit with a different roof. 😉  Today new churches in Mozambique & Angola are continuing to be built where congregations can worship together and the Kingdom of God can grow deeper roots. But also today the dioceses are having to think more deeply about when to build and when not to build; when, instead to focus on building and growing individuals & leaders through training, development and mission.

Lord Jesus, we pray for the dioceses as they decide when to build churches to glorify you and when instead to use their resources for other priorities. We pray that all the dioceses do and all MANNA does to support them, glorifies You. Amen.

With thanks to the Bodleian Libraries, The University of Oxford and USPG Archives.

USPG Periodicals: Lebombo Leaves, 1924