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5 Ways We Have Journeyed With Our Partners In Mozambique & Angola 2021


1. CONCERN: The IDP Crisis in Cabo Delgado

Our first moment is a piece of news that has dominated our minds and our partners in Mozambique: The humanitarian crisis in the province of Cabo Delgado, northern Mozambique.
  • Now there are over 732,000 internally displaced people and an estimated 1.3 million people in need of urgent humanitarian assistance and almost 3,000 adults & children have been killed. 
  • This complex situation rooted in poverty & injustice needs our global eyes on it, the governance of the wise and our prayers.
  • The Anglican Diocese of Nampula is working alongside other agencies & partners to respond through emergency parcels, relief and recovery work, trauma work & agricultural work. 
  • MANNA has raised £37,500 so far in it’s appeal to support this vital work. Thank you so much for your support. 

2. JOY: Multiplication of Dioceses and Creation of new Province

Our second, is a moment of JOY! The dreams are becoming a reality and so the 4 Dioceses across Mozambique & Angola are have multiplied into 12. 
  • There are now 8 Dioceses in Mozambique and 4 in Angola. 
  • In September, the new Portuguese speaking Province – Igreja Anglicana de Mocambique e Angola – IAMA was inaugurated. 
  • The new Vicar Generals have been appointed and you can see below their names and the names of the new Dioceses. 
We are grateful for your prayer and ongoing financial support: this enables us to support the Dioceses as they grow and multiply. These needs are huge. 
I A M A (1)

3. DAILY LIFE: Nora Sturges Anglican Clinic, Lobito, Angola

The Centre with extension 2014
Our third way that we have journeyed with our partners reflects the daily life of an Anglican clinic: The Nora Sturges Clinic in Lobito is run by the Anglican Diocese of Angola and supported by MANNA. Its daily life is a struggle with the local population facing malaria, cholera, yellow fever, HIV and a chronic shortages of medicines, hospitals and trained staff. It is dependent on our support.
  • The clinic was opened in August 2003 by Bishop Graham Dow in memory of his late mother-in-law who was a doctor. 
  • It is working towards self-sufficiency through it’s pharmacy. 
  • Earlier this year in this area, there was an outbreak of malaria and dengue fever of 2,000 cases of malaria per day.
  • MANNA is grateful for those who support this clinic as without these givers, it would cease to exist. 
  • As we in the UK are blessed to receive our vaccinations against COVID, our brothers and sisters in Lobito are facing bigger challenges alongside COVID. We are all called to do what we can to serve those in need wherever they are. 

4. EDUCATION: Rebuilding after Loss

Our fourth moment focuses on rebuilding. This year the Diocese of Nampula is rebuilding an Anglican school in Chiure district, Cabo Delgado.
  • This school was destroyed in 2019 by Cyclone Kenneth and we are supporting this rebuild alongside ALMA, to build a weather resilient school with latrines and a borehole.
  • The project is making good progress despite the challenges of life in Cabo Delgado. 

5: SHARING: The Stories & News from the Churches

The fifth and final way we have journeyed with our partners is by spreading the word about the Anglican churches and communities in Mozambique & Angola and their development & mission projects.
  • Do follow & share our news on social media and continue to journey with these churches. 
  • Take time to look at our video of 5 ways you can support the Anglican churches in Mozambique & Angola. 

Thank you for journeying with us in 2021!

Thanks to Rev Helen van Koevering for photo