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Niassa Community Health Teams

In March 2023 there was an outbreak of cholera in northern Mozambique. A deadly combination of climate emergency, lack of investment in WASH education and infrastructure and the violent insurgency in Cabo Delgado meant thousands of cases of cholera.

The Anglican Diocese of Niassa has had a pioneering approach to community health care for many years which in this situation in March had a dramatic effect. They have an extensive network of community health activists, workers and volunteers who work in the community across a wide range of health and sanitation issues. This group were mobilised and went out door to door in very difficult conditions educating about cholera and as such in this district, the cases of cholera where stopped. 

This programme that the Diocese of Niassa runs is called ‘Juntos para Saude’ – ‘Together for Health’ and in partnership with the government health department is multiplying in order to reach more communities and train more workers to prevent illness and change communities. 

We are fundraising for this vital work which will support a further 18,800 people in Niassa province. Please support these community health teams. 

On 24th August we are hosting a webinar where we will hear from this team about why their work is so important. Email [email protected] if you would like to join us.