Berta Sengulane Centre Zove

On 26th November 1998, the then Bishop of Lebombo, Bishop Dinis was travelling with his wife, Berta, 2 sons Bruno and Teofilo and 3 British visitors, Robert Ashdown, Elizabeth Tucker and Linda Hillier from MANNA/ALMA to a Mother’s Union Annual General Meeting 1300km away in Beira.

On the way, they suffered a horrendous car accident where Bishop Dinis’ wife Berta was killed instantly and Robert, Elizabeth, Bruno and Teofilo all suffered serious injuries.

One can hardly imagine the ensuing grief and trauma. No phones and radios. No houses for the last 100km. 250km from the nearest first aid post and 400km from the nearest hospital. By some miracle Robert, Elizabeth, Bruno and Tiofilo were taken to that hospital and all survived.

From that tragedy, Bishop Dinis determined to celebrate Berta’s life and so over the next 15 years has established with MANNA supporters, a place of Hope and Life at Zove,the place of the accident. Now there is a Health Centre, a School and a Church where previously there had been nothing.

Bishop Dinis wrote years later;

“We can see that God’s agenda connected with the accident in Zove…”