Bishop Paulo Litumbe

The late Bishop Paulo Litumbe was the first Bishop of Niassa. He was ordained a priest in 1961 and was jailed by the Portuguese authorities who considered him to be sympathetic towards Frelimo in 1965.

He was released unconditionally in 1970. In 1976 he was elected Suffragan Bishop for the norther part of the Diocese of Lebombo and in 1979 he was elected the first Diocesan Bishop of the newly created Diocese of Niassa until he retired in 1984.

Highly respected by both religious and secular society, Paulo Litumbe will be remembered by many people for a long time. He was a courageous person who spoke openly about his convictions whether people would agree with him or not.

“Having worked alongside Paulo Litumbe for many years, I have come to admire his deep wisdom and faithfulness to his Lord….How often he was called in as mediator when disturbances occurred at the large primary school and he was in great demand to counsel both members of staff and older pupils. His wise counsel and gift of mediation were put to use during his imprisonment by the Portuguese government; the governor of the prison where he was held recounted that he could calm any prison disturbance.” Joan Antcliff

He died after illness on 28th May 1994 aged 80, a great inspiration and a cornerstone of the work of God in the Anglican church in Mozambique.