Our Vision & Values

Our Vision

is to see the Anglican church in Mozambique & Angola growing and thriving in God’s holistic mission through self-sufficient dioceses.

Our Mission

is to support the diverse work of the Anglican church & associated partners in Mozambique & Angola through prayer, fundraising, advocacy & raising awareness.

Our Values

Background: To exist as a background support to the dioceses; not one in the driving seat, but one who enables with transparency, clear monitoring not encouraging hand-outs & dependency

Strengthening: To provide tools, resources & means for the dioceses to be financially self-sustaining in the future. To provide tools & support to strengthen the leadership in the churches and dioceses to train new & existing leaders & build capacity across ministry & mission departments

Holistic Transformation: To enable these churches to build Christ-centred transformed communities that fight poverty & injustice through home-grown development projects that, in turn, release the chains of oppression.

Collaboration: To work collaboratively with other partners of the Dioceses & to create & resource opportunities to do so

Hear the Smaller Voices: To better reflect the face of Jesus by seeking to hear the smaller voices of the marginalised, poor, women & elderly in the churches in Mozambique & Angola.