The Mustard Seed Fund is a fund that exists within MANNA that all Dioceses in Mozambique and Angola can apply to, once a year, for a grant to create an income-generating project.

MANNA is aware that Dioceses need regular funds to pay clergy salaries, build churches and clergy homes, set up and run community development projects, buy & maintain vehicles and diocesan offices and many other costs. This is a huge challenge for all Dioceses and so after a legacy in 2017 from the late Kathleen Bishop, the trustees of MANNA set up the Mustard Seed Fund. 

The Mustard Seed Fund has given out 4 grants so far: 

2019 – The Diocese of Nampula, northern Mozambique to set up a chicken farm 

2020 – The Diocese of Libombos, southern Mozambique (also!) to set up a chicken farm

2021 – The Diocese of Cristo Rei, Uige, Angola to set up a bakery

2022 – The Diocese of Divina Esperanca, Angola to set up a pharmacy