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Health education for schools

‘Studies for Life’ is a successful innovative health education programme designed and implemented in northern rural Mozambican secondary schools to change attitudes, knowledge and understanding of key health practices and change lives. 

The programme works in partnership with the Diocese of Niassa’s community health & development programme who have trained ‘activistas’ who are trained volunteers from the community. These activistas are trained in the Studies for Life programme and then teach the course in classes. One of the key positive impacts of working through the Anglican Diocese teams is that they are well trusted and known amongst the communities. 

Through their baseline surveys at the beginning and end of courses, the evidence has shown that there is a dramatic increase in knowledge and sharp increase in change of practices. Working in schools with teenagers at this point in their lives is critical as early pregnancy and marriage statistics are very high. This project has a strong possibility to scale up because they costs are small and the project is sustainable and well established and embedded in the community.

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MANNA is supporting this work and is also looking for funding to expand it as a pilot project later this year into the Diocese of Nampula.