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What does this church want for Christmas?

Well, spoiler alert – it’s probably not what you think. 

It’s not for themselves – it’s actually for others in their community. 

The church leaders and the Mother’s Union in St Simao and St Jude Church, Nzinje, Lichinga in northern Mozambique have got together to draw up plans to support 150 children in their community who are really struggling. Many families live in extreme poverty and hunger & nutrition is still one of the biggest concerns on a daily basis. 

These women are planning to cook a meal for these children on a sunday as the hungry season approaches and also provide them with clothes and household items. 

We are looking to support this innovative project with £1,700 this Christmas time. 

Can you help? 

– A gift of £32 will buy a gas stove

– A gift of £69 will buy a large pan

Please consider supporting this church this Christmas as they support their local community and seek to become the hands and feet of Jesus, serving those in need.