Mental Illness & Epilepsy Treatment, Diagnosis & Training

Across Mozambique there is very little diagnosis, treatment & care and understanding of mental illness. This is even more so in the rural areas. But within the Diocese of Niassa, there is pioneering work, training mental health clinical officers to diagnose and treat schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and epilepsy.

This work, spearheaded by Dr Peg Cumberland, focuses on training district mental health clinical officers and building up their capacity in this critically underfunded and unrecognised work. She travels around across large distances to assess, discuss treatments, train and strengthen the capabilities within the local hospitals & clinics in Niassa province.

The patients vary in their needs and diagnoses but click here for Paula’s story, who is someone typical who has been able to be treated, thanks to this work.

Through donations specifically to this work, MANNA funds this innovative work where the needs are huge.