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Covid-19 Update

Covid-19 Campaign Update

Whilst in Europe Coronavirus and the chaos it has caused is largely on the retreat, across Africa sadly the virus shows no sign of abating. According to the latest update by the UN health agency, 201,157 people have tested positive for the virus across the 54 countries in the continent, and this does not account for unreported report cases, predicted to be several times higher than official figures.

In Mozambique & Angola where MANNA is active, the cost of trying to control the outbreak is taking a major toll on people’s lives already devastated by cyclones, widespread hunger and poverty.

This video, created by the community in Tete, Mozambique demonstrates how vulnerable much of the population is, with lack of food and access to water, soap and masks.

But it is also in these pockets that we hear of overwhelming kindness. In Cobue, northern Mozambique, these women shared what they had and gave it out to those who had even less and who were ill.

During lockdown, Manu from Benfica, #Angola noticed many young people in his neighborhood are addicted to alcohol & drugs. Neighbours would just complain ‘these young people are already lost, there is no more solution for them’. Manu asked God to show him, how to help them. He began to befriend them & does sport and bible study with them. Since April 50 young people are committing to abandoning their lives of addictions and take another path. Each week 3/4 new young people join in and they continue with bible studies & football practice. Manu also took members of his youth group to give out donations of food & supplies to the vulnerable in his community. 

We urgently need your donations so that we can continue to support communities such as these, giving them the vital aid, they so desperately need.