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The Mustard Seed Fund@MANNA


A Fund for the Anglican Dioceses of Mozambique & Angola for income generating projects


Some people choose to make sure that when they die, their lives go on to impact others and give back. This is true giving, not knowing where it will end, what it will bring to others and create.

This is what Kate Bishop chose before she died.

Out of the blue in 2017, MANNA received a large legacy from her estate. After some discussion, MANNA trustees chose to create a new designated fund, ‘O Fundo da Semente de Mostarda’ (The Mustard Seed Fund). The fund exists to encourage the Anglican Dioceses in Mozambique & Angola to consider the issue of sustainability for their dioceses and the departments/groups within it and how to generate income from seed funding and grow their group/diocese from this money.

Kate grew up in a house where there was not much money and as an adult, she lived a frugal life. Kate trained at night school to become an accountant and she had a tremendously sharp brain. She had a passion for politics and spent many years working for various MP’s in the House of Commons. She did not see the need for lots of material possessions & hated waste. However, she was always very generous to her friends and supported several different charities all her life. Of all the charities Kate supported, MANNA was the one closest to her heart. For over forty years she ran a monthly stall at church selling her own baked bread, jams, marmalade & bric-a-brac. Then in the last years of Kate’s life with her advancing years and ill health, friends Carol and Alison supported Kate with the stall to enable her to send as much as possible to MANNA.

Kate was an old school friend of the inspirational Joan Antcliff who she visited in Mozambique. Kate never forgot the immense warmth of the people she met in Mozambique and their wonderful welcome to her.

We pray that this fund, in memory of Kate can grow into something long-lasting for the churches in Mozambique & Angola & we look forward to receiving proposals from the dioceses.