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Wheelchairs for Lobito, Angola

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This week we received some lovely photos from the Lobito health clinic and the Diocese of Centro & Sul,  Angola of 8 women and men receiving tricycle wheelchairs that MANNA supported. 

It had been a difficult journey to get to this point but in reality nothing compared to what these individuals cope with on a daily basis.

In many low and middle income countries, disabled people are amongst the most vulnerable members of society. Without a wheelchair, access to education, work and healthcare is very difficult and so often people become prisoners in their own homes.

We learnt of this situation and so in partnership with the clinic and the Diocese, wanted to do what we could to help and launched an appeal. 

Our initial plan was to buy Motivation Rough Terrain wheelchairs which are specifically designed for these conditions. These were not available at all in Angola and so we received quotes last year to buy these in South Africa and get them to Angola. We fundraised with these quotes. Unfortunately with the huge hike in shipping costs, by the time we had raised some funds, the quotes doubled and although we looked around there was nothing we could do about this. Therefore we realised we had to compromise and source different wheelchairs in country.

We are nevertheless delighted to give these wheelchairs out to 8 people to whom this will make a massive difference in their lives. All the people who have received these wheelchairs had polio when younger and were only able to get around on their knees, hugely limiting their lives.

Thank you so much for supporting this appeal. This was big news in this small community and even attracted a local news crew.

Small things like this can have a big impact.