Once In A Lifetime

“The creation of a new Anglican diocese is a once in a lifetime event.”

This is your chance to build alongside the peoples of the provinces of Nampula and Cabo Delgado to grow their newly created Diocese of Nampula in northern Mozambique.

Can you join with us and support the beginnings of this Diocese?

It is not every day that there is such immense growth in an Anglican diocese that it plans over many years to multiply and set up a whole new Diocese. This is the story of the Diocese of Nampula which covers some 8.4 million people.

At present the Diocese has 17 clergy, (including stipendiary and self-supporting priests), over 450 lay leaders, 16 Adeptos (Community Development workers), 4 administrative staff and 130 congregations. This includes urban and vast rural areas and the Marratane refugee camp.

Support the new Missionary Diocese of Nampula