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‘Rooted in Jesus’ in Niassa


Two seminarians Patson and Kachuma who in turn will use ‘Rooted in Jesus’ for training

‘Rooted in Jesus’ is a Christian discipleship course written for  use in Africa. It is used across the Niassa diocese for all confirmations and catechist training by priests and archdeacons.

Many other groups use RiJ too and below gives an idea of the sheer scale of the Niassa diocese and its huge recent growth. As of last year, 2013, there were 444 church congregations with 63,973 members in 32 parishes, with 58 priests, and around 600 catechists. Of these there were 195 Rooted in Jesus groups with 2,374 members this has doubled since 2011.  The Mother’s Union use it too with 236 groups and 3,333 members (also doubled since 2011 and also youth groups .

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