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Marta Valenta Titos Cumbe


Marta Valenta Titos Cumbe retired from her office of as lay minister of the dynamic congregation of the Church of St. James,  Cumbene, Lebombo Diocese, Mozambique. Marta Valenta served at her church for 25 years doing all ministries such as leadership of Sunday worship, burials, visitations, preaching, teaching baptism and confirmation candidates and general leadership of her congregation and community. She has quietly led the way for many more women now going after her who are serving their communities and churches where God has placed them.

Marta Valenta is a symbol of many women lay ministers who give dedicated service and make their diocese what it is today. Out of the 279 lay ministers, 111 are women and who, like Marta, effectively carry in the hearts and shoulders the mission work among their own peoples. Here is a photo below of Bishop Carlos recently licensing 4 new lay ministers as lay ministers (catechists) and sub deacons for the parish of St. Stephen of Matola.


At their Synod last year the ordination of women was passed in the diocese and now Lebombo has  4 women training for the priesthood. Marta’s Godly example has paved the way for other women.

Lord Jesus 

There are so many women and men who we are unaware of, quietly working day by day in the background, doing your work and bringing your light to difficult & dark places. We thank you for them and specifically for Marta. Raise up more women and men like her and bless them with your gifts of discernment, wisdom, humility, service and compassion.