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MANNA & ALMA accompany The Archbishop of Canterbury on Mozambique Visit

 Archbishop Justin Welby travelled to Mozambique this month, to celebrate the inauguration of the new province IAMA (Igreja Anglicana de Mocambique e Angola). 

In 2021 Mozambique and Angola become a new Province within the Anglican Communion, having been part of the Anglican Church of Southern Africa since 1893. He is pictured here with Bishop Carlos Matsinhe, the interim Presiding Bishop of IAMA. 

It was wonderful that MANNA Chair of Trustees, John Tasker was part of this celebration alongside many of our ALMA colleagues. 

During their time together, it was moving to see Archbishop Justin to choose to wash the feet of the youngest Bishop in IAMA – Bishop Lucas Mchema from the northern Diocese of Niassa as a sign of serving each other in peace and unity. 

After the celebrations in Maputo, Archbishop Justin with John Tasker, Bishop Rob Wickham from ALMA and others visited Pemba, Cabo Delgado, northern Mozambique where there has been a violent insurgency causing over a million people to be displaced. 

They spent time with the Diocese of Nampula who have been working with some of the thousands of displaced and heard the stories of people who fled the violence and experienced great trauma and loss as a result. 

The Diocese of Nampula is involved with multi-faith work across the area as they seek to work towards peace and reconciliation and so the team spent time meeting with faith leaders and agencies. 

John went on with Bishop Rob and Fr Joseph from ALMA to visit Chimoio community in Chuire district where MANNA and others have supported a wide range of community development work amongst IDP’s.