"The Holy Spirit said to Philip, “Go over and walk along beside the carriage."

Acts 8:29



This photo from the archives is of church community development workers in Niassa, Mozambique who are training together as a team: they come alongside the people facing HIV, lack of nutrition and water & sanitation difficulties. “We are not telling people what to do; we are walking alongside each other, learning from each other. This really develops a sense of trust, a sense of relationship: ‘we are in this together’.”

As Christians, we are also called to walk alongside others through their joys and their sorrows. Step by step along the journey of faith. Wherever God has placed you today, walk those steps with the courage, perseverance, joy & love that comes from Christ.

Lord Jesus, we pray for the community development workers across the churches that you will bless their work and encourage them daily, step by step as they face huge challenges of health and education in their communities. Amen.