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Congratulations Mansita!


Mansita Sangi, Diocesan Secretary of the Anglican Diocese of Angola has been awarded the degree of Doctor of the University (PhD) in Protestant Theology by the University of Strasbourg.

His doctoral thesis focuses on the Millennium Development Goals, and takes a critical look at their implementation by the Anglican Churches of Angola and DRC. Are the good intentions having a real impact on the ground? What are the strengths and weaknesses of the Anglican Mission in the context of poverty in Angolan and DRC? What is needed in the future?

Archbishop Henri Isingoma wrote from DRC to encourage Mansita as he was preparing to defend his thesis in Strasbourg: “The grace of the Most High be with you at this decisive moment in your defence. We have read your thesis and know that you have explored the realities of our church, especially in the east of the country where she is influential and has a positive missionary impact on society”.

Mansita’s thesis was written in French, and MANNA is sponsoring it being translated into English by the organisation Translators without Borders. We will then look at the possibilities for publishing it. Further news on this potentially significant development in liberation theology to follow!


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