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End of an Era in Niassa

There is bittersweet news from the Diocese of Niassa. Bishop Mark recently accepted a nomination to become the Assistant Bishop for the Episcopal Diocese of West Virginia, USA ( with a special mandate for mission) with Helen planning to complete her doctoral studies and continue to write. Mark’s resignation as the Diocesan Bishop of Niassa was accepted by the Synod of Bishops and he relinquished his See on the 31st of October 2015. Bishop Mark and Helen have just left Lichinga, Mozambique en route for the USA.

After 28 years of lay and ordained ministry in Mozambique, the void they leave will be immense and they will be sorely missed.

Yet we pray with our brothers and sisters in Niassa for the elections for the new Bishop on 26 January 2016 and the consecration on 29 May. We pray for Godly wisdom, peace and unity that comes from the work of the Holy Spirit.






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