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Day 11: How far would you go?


#Then: A young Bishop Dinis Sengulane, about to confirm candidates in Mozambique, chats with Ilda who walked a long distance to get to her confirmation.

#Now: We still see many photos of confirmations from Mozambique and Angola and stories of individuals choosing for Jesus. But more pertinent today is whether the clergy & church leaders of these churches have the resources to be able to help deepen and grow this faith. This is what these churches are yearning for. How far would you go to walk to declare your faith in the Lord Jesus? And far will you go to support these churches in Mozambique & Angola? 

Father God, help us, this Advent to continually walk back to you in the midst of our concerns, fears and lives and to learn to put others ahead of our own needs. Amen. 

With thanks to the Bodleian Libraries, The University of Oxford and USPG Archives.

USPG Periodicals: Lebombo Leaves, 1978