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125 Years of the Diocese of Lebombo Celebration


Rev Carla Vicencio Prior, MANNA Trustee and Link with Lebombo Diocese pictured above with Edna & Fatucha, ordinands from the diocese and Bishop Vicente Msosa from Niassa. 


A visa that arrived at the last minute by a rushing postman a few hours before her flight, was the start of Rev Carla Vicencio Prior’s visit to Lebombo Diocese. It was a special visit: her first and one to celebrate 125 Years of the Diocese of Lebombo with thousands of other Anglicans. And what a visit it was. I’m not sure her feet hit the ground at all! A 4 day visit included

  • Diocesan Synod,
  • Meetings about the new Seminary,
  • Meetings with new ordinands,
  • Time with other Lebombo partners: ALMA Helen Doery & Martin How; Rev Jonathan Foults from USA and Daniel Pina Cabral from Lusitanian Church
  • Presentations from the Umoja work, Microfinancing and education projects, ASA, Environmental Action, PEJA supporting education and sunday schools and public health, Youthwork and Chaplaincy to the elderly
  • Conversations with Mothers Union president
  • Witnessing the birth of the Anglican church in Mozambique
  • A large health fair for everyone
  • A party with bands
  • A huge final Celebration Service in Pavilhão De Maxaquene with President Nyusi, 5 Bishops, 50 priests and about 2,000 people with much singing and worship.  

What a privilege to be a part of such a momentous occasion.