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Responding to Cyclone Kenneth

We’re living in a time that compels each of us to act. It’s the Mozambicans themselves that remind us of that. We have so much to learn.

This is Muassite. She works in the community development department of the Nampula diocese and has many years experience in relief & development work. She is standing outside her home that was partly destroyed by the cyclone and flooding.

she is leading the relief response for those who have lost everything. She has travelled to Chimoio, Chuire district outside of Pemba working with other community leaders to assess the huge needs and work out a plan.

Things in Chimoio are very bad. It has several active church congregations, (6 – more than 1000 members) 2 priests, a large church-run primary school and various Diocese-supported community development activities. The church and school are both destroyed and many homes were destroyed.

Later they will travel across the river to Acua to assess the needs there and go & to buy food and supplies for these people here who desperately need it. (please note the kids eating rotten stale maize).

This community have received nothing from any government or other NGO’s yet. As the river Lurio burst its banks they lost everything. Many are sleeping in the open or 15 people to a tiny hut also partially destroyed.

Next will be the need to buy & distribute seeds as tragically the maize (the staple food of the area) was in the last stages of being dried for storage. Now, following days of heavy rain, it’s rotting. There’s no possibility of saving it so almost the entire harvest has been lost. Also they are looking to purchase mosquito nets and plastic sheeting to make emergency distribution of these too.

In the medium to long-term rebuilding the school, church and the priest’s house will be among the Diocese’ priorities.

These people need our help now.

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