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Cunene, Angola Emergency response

“Millions of people in southern Angola are on the brink of starvation as drought aggravated by climate change has attacked the area.”

This drought is regarded as the worst in 40 years and has meant that huge swathes of the population have left their homes in the Namibian border areas in search of food and clean water. The local Anglican churches in Cunene province have seen thousands of people who have come to find shelter in the Ombadja area. Church members have conducted surveys to find out the most pressing needs and have identified about 15,530 people in need of food and clean water provision.


So they have put together a proposal and a budget lasting 6 months to begin supporting these families. The project focusses on food & clean water provision and hygiene education alongside behaviour change.

The total cost of the 6 month project to support 15,530 people is £23,188. Please support this project by clicking on the link below to donate.