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Day 6: Commitment


#Then: Back in 1974, the focus in these magazines was still on the ‘missionaries’ and their commitment to the building up of the Anglican churches; here it pictures a young Ken Hamilton who worked at Messumba with a number of other British people.

#Now: Today, our commitment to supporting the Anglican churches in Mozambique & Angola remains just as strong but we support from the background. Today Ken Hamilton, with his wife Eileen who he met in Messumba, is still committed to the work of the Anglican church and they are both still trustees of MANNA devoting their time and energy to growing and enabling these dioceses in the light of Christ. 

Lord Jesus, we thank you for those individuals like Ken & Eileen who have showed Christ-like devotion to the work of the Anglican church over the years.  We pray those seeds sown many years ago will continue to  bear fruit for many years to come. Amen. 

With thanks to the Bodleian Libraries, The University of Oxford and USPG Archives.

USPG Periodicals: Lebombo Leaves, 1974