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Day 19: Partnership


#Then: This is St Mary’s Kikolo, Luanda with Rev’d João Luimbi Carlos and Bishop Graham Dow in 2000. They are all seated in front of the half-completed wall of St Mary’s new primary school before the start of the Diocese of Angola.

#Now: Bishop Graham Dow’s partnership with the Anglican church in Angola continued. In 2003, after the death of his mother-in-law, he donated funds to initiate the setting up of an Anglican health clinic in Lobito in partnership with the Diocese. Today Bishop Graham continues to support the clinic and encourages others to give too. The Diocese continues to manage and run the clinic which serves in a very poor area of Angola. 

Lord Jesus, we thank you for this partnership and we pray for you to raise up more people who also choose to partner with the churches and community work to bring about your life-giving and transforming Kingdom. Amen.