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Celebrations of a Full Diocese, Women in Business & Health work…..All in a week’s Visit!

Meeting at UCAN University

It’s amazing what you can pack into a week. MANNA trustees Christopher Cunliffe and John Tasker had a busy time in Angola last week. Here are some of the highlights of their visit. Above they & Diocesan Theological Director Mansita Sangi met with Francisco and Francisco (far right), two theological students at UCAN University in Luanda who MANNA is supporting via a grant. They visited the University and met with the Vice Principal.

Mulher Jovem project

Last year young women from a parish in Luanda, received a micro-credit loan via a grant from MANNA to start their own businesses. John & Christopher went to view them. These women would otherwise not have access to loans so it is great to see how they are developing.

On Sunday 1st December, Archbishop Thabo Makgoba inaugurated the Missionary Diocese of Angola into a full diocese. This is an important step in the Diocese’s history and the result of much prayer, growth and commitment of the clergy and Anglican communities. The celebrations were huge!

MANNA has long supported the Nora Sturges Health Centre in Lobito which is run by the Anglican church in Angola. It was wonderful to see a meeting of some its staff and the staff of St Peter’s Cazenga, another Anglican health centre with partners from the UK. The Lobito health centre is about to reopen following a much needed refurbishment.

The Diocese has plans to build a Cathedral and so it partners from South Africa, USA & UK gathered to bless the land and lay the first stone. We pray for new beginnings and that this place of worship will be one of peace, justice and God’s Spirit.