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Trauma support for displaced people in Mozambique


“We would go and meet people in the IDP camps in northern Mozambique and ask them – ‘Can you tell your story?’ And they couldn’t. The trauma was so much that they did not have the words and the tools to do this.”

Bishop Manuel Ernesto, Diocese of Nampula, Mozambique


This week together with our friends at ALMA & the Diocese of London we met with Bishop Manuel Ernesto from the Anglican Diocese of Nampula, northern Mozambique to update each other on the progress of our Lent project giving trauma support. 

This relatively new Diocese has been forever shaped by the violence in Cabo Delgado that has displaced a million people and traumatised a whole population. Families have witnessed horrific violence and they live with this trauma & fear, whilst coping with the daily struggle for food and shelter.

The Diocese is doing what it can to respond.

Their response began when they would bring emergency supplies into the IDP camps and they met with people and listened to their stories. But they quickly realised that many lived with deep trauma and they struggled to function. Therefore alongside this emergency work, the Diocese – in partnership with the Muslim Council, the Christian Council of Mozambique and the local peace clubs – sent 4 people to the Institute of Healing for Memories in South Africa. These 4 people are being trained to become facilitators of trauma healing work that they will then pass on to the local community groups, faith groups, churches and peace clubs where they live and work.

This work has been supported by the recent Lent Appeal by ALMA, the Diocese of London and MANNA and the project is ongoing. Bishop Manuel told us this morning that this project does not have a beginning and an end, but it is a continual training of individuals to pass on this message of healing.

As we met we updated each other on the progress of fundraising and the progress of the work itself and talked about next steps. Bishop Manuel spoke of a woman, Rosa* who lived in the Samilala IDP camp in northern Mozambique. Her husband had been violently killed by the insurgents. She has been listened to by trauma facilitators and now is being trained to be a facilitator herself. This work has far reaching consequences and is vital for those who struggle on a daily basis with such horrific fear. 

It is ongoing and still needs our support. You can continue to donate by going here:

*Name changed