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New Community Health Office/Training Building, Cobue, Niassa

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Completed office, with cooks

Last March 2015 we reported about The Salt, Light and Health Community project being in need of a building of its own.

Up until then the staff had been lent a building for the past eight years for their meetings, trainings and occasional patient care. But this building needed to be used as a school, allowing students in Cobue to study in grades 11 and 12. Therefore it was crucial for the project to have their own health building. 

We are delighted to report that through collaboration with the charity Maninga, this building was completed on 30th December and the team have recently moved in! Fantastic news!

This projects works though the mission department of the Anglican Diocese of Niassa, spending the vast majority of its time in the field. It is therefore very important that there is a building for storing documents and materials, for hosting trainings, and for holding monthly planning and evaluation meetings (one week each month). When people come for residential trainings, this new building will become a dormitory with mosquito nets hung and mats on the floor.

It will also be used for other church meetings and gatherings and it is hoped to integrate even better the teaching about health and community development to Niassa’s catechists and priests. 

Meeting room with team 11057763_865463396842442_4329401915816371283_o Meeting room Admin room 2