#Good2BAnglican 2016

Some amazing things are going on in the Anglican Communion today. But we don’t always hear about them or celebrate them. This Lent, we shall be looking at 40 stories behind 40 photos, from which we shall be praying 40 simple prayers to celebrate the fact that it’s #Good2BAnglican.

Day 1: Ash Wednesday: Commitment

Across Mozambique and Angola, the Anglican Church is growing. Fast. Often hidden in the rural areas where we don’t see. In simple grass hut churches with #worshiplikeyoumeanit. And at the heart of this growth is commitment. Young and old. Male and Female. Adults and children choosing for Jesus, to live their lives for Him on a daily basis. These children and adults in Chuanga, Mozambique chose to be confirmed to show their commitment to Jesus Christ.

Lord Jesus, Bless and protect all those baptised and confirmed. Renew them daily with the life giving water of your Spirit. May they shine as lights in the world. Amen.

Day 2: 11th Feb: Growth

Both dioceses in Mozambique are vast and growing fast. The Lebombo Synod met in October 2015 to discuss amongst other things, how to support multiplication of the diocese by 2017 and to agree unanimously to ordain women. Wonderful news.

Lord Jesus, Inspire by your Spirit, the Synods and structures of the Church. Bless the work of multiplication, give grace to those in ordained ministries, build up those in theological education, raise up new vocations.


Day 3: 12th Feb: Childhood

African Childhood is constantly in the news. Horrific statistics about child marriage with little or no education. Some of the Anglican churches in Mozambique are trying to turn that around and so this group of girls have teaching on biblical issues, marriage, sex, gender, etc.

Lord Jesus, Strengthen the work of St Agnes groups, that girls may be kept safe from harm, their bodies honoured as temples of your Holy Spirit.

Lord hear us. Lord graciously hear us.

Day 4: 13th Feb Sacrifice

Bishop Manuel with other church members trekked 50km to reach cut-off rural communities from flooding. That is the type of thing, we would do for a sponsored event and everyone would know about. Yet this is a daily hardship and sacrifice that these church members do on a daily basis. Today as we write, some of the mission teams in Mozambique are carrying out emergency work amongst villages in serious drought. If you are able to help this Lent, click here to read more.

Gracious Father, Guide the steps of Bishops and clergy as they travel long distances to minister to God’s people. As they look to the Lord may they find their strength renewed.

Lord in your mercy   Hear our prayer

Day 5: 14th Feb: Peace

More attacks in Sofala province have put the peace deal in Mozambique in more jeopardy. Bishop Dinis has long been involved in peace talks and was instrumental in the peace process in the early 1990’s.

O God, we cry to you for peace, for peace between nations, for peace between Frelimo and Renamo. O Jesus, Prince of Peace, bless the work of peace-makers.

Lord in your mercy   Hear our prayer

Day 6: 15th Feb: Trailblazers

Sometimes you hear news of people quietly getting on with incredible work without want of accolade or recognition. There’s a lot of that in the Anglican churches in Mozambique and Angola. Today there is ground-breaking working going on to treat Epilepsy sufferers in Mozambique and to train health workers, working alongside the government health department. These people are trailblazers……

Lord Jesus, For those health and development workers who follow where you call, in places where no-one has trodden before; give them wisdom, discernment and support to care for those whom no-one else has seen. Lord in Your mercy, Hear Our Prayer.


Day 7: 16th Feb: Decisions

Today and yesterday the Southern African Synod of Bishops are meeting to decide on the next Bishop for Niassa. This Diocese is one that has witnessed incredible threefold growth in the last 13 years in the congregations, women’s & men’s groups and clergy. Huge numbers of people have come to faith. Their strategic plans for 2016-2020 will need a person of great courage, humility, wisdom and love.

Lord Jesus, we pray for the decisions-makers today, that you will grant them wisdom and discernment in choosing the next Bishop of Niassa. Amen. 

Day 8: 17th Feb: Giving

These young people at a recent Anglican Youth Conference in Angola decided to put their faith into action. They heard of the shortage of blood at the local hospital so they went and gave blood. ‘What good is faith without deeds?’

Father God, We give thanks for the faith and vision of young Christians, their compassion for those who suffer and their longing for justice. May they develop into all You have created them to be.

Lord hear us.   Lord graciously hear us

Day 9: 18th Feb: Refugees

Our daily news is awash with the tragic plight of refugees. It is a same story the world over. This is a makeshift church built in Marratane refugee camp outside Nampula, Mozambique. Wherever we are, in whatever situation, Jesus bids us welcome: at this service these children and adults are welcoming Him into their lives through confirmation.

Today, God our Father, we pray for all refugees, for those traumatised by violence and hatred, that they will find new places of safety and find their home in You.

Lord hear us;  Lord graciously hear us.

Day 10: 19th Feb: Prayer

Prayer: a rhythm, a commitment, a blessing and a transforming relationship. In this tiny rural church on the shores of Lake Niassa, Mozambique, today and every Friday in Lent, this catechist Nhama prays the Via Sacra. Here he is pictured praying with Hilda, one of the staff from the Diocesean building.

Lord Jesus, we ask that through the daily rhythm of prayer, your servants in Mozambique and Angola come closer to you and can serve you daily in their communities. Amen.

Day 11: 20th Feb: Commitment

This is Sr Buanicaia, Director of Education for Niassa who had finished work for the day (still on the phone!) but because he is committed to his local church community came to help haul a new pile of stones into the church to finish off the new church building. Grace and commitment at work.

We are pilgrims on a journey, we are travellers on the road, we are here to help each other, walk the mile and bear the load’. Lord strengthen your people in your way of service.

Lord in your mercy       Hear our prayer.

Day 12: 21st Feb: Worship

At the heart of who we are, as Christians, is our need to worship and serve a living loving God. These girls get that. They know how to worship with their whole bodies, holding nothing back. Do we do that? Watch here for some wonderful Mozambican worship…..

Lord Jesus, we give thanks for the blessing that young people bring – for their energy and joy in worship, their gifts of music and dance. Lord, guard their faith and raise them up as leaders in their generation.

Lord in your mercy; Hear our prayer.

Day 13: 22nd Feb: Translation

This servant-hearted gentleman, Snr Patricio, who has now died, was a catechist and cornerstone for the Christian community in Murrupula, Mozambique which now has more than 50 thriving Anglican churches and a strong ‘Equipas de Vida’ community team. Here he is faithfully translating the prayer book into Macua – one of the local languages and he also translated a lot of the discipleship course Rooted in Jesus which has enabled much growth.

Lord Jesus, We give you thanks for those who have died in the faith of Christ, for their faithful witness as they have handed down the Gospel of Christ to the next generation. Give us grace to follow their good example.

Lord hear us         Lord graciously hear us.

Day 14: 23rd Feb: Dedication

That word could be applied to so many of these photos: but here are 2 community volunteers from the local Anglican churches delivering ARV’s to those living with HIV, come rain or shine, through very tough conditions.

Strengthen O Lord those who walk in your way, lightening the burdens and sorrows of others. Give us grace to follow in their footsteps in love and service.

Lord in your mercy         Hear our prayer

Day 15: 24th Feb: Hunger

To be honest, ‘hunger’ is a word most of us know nothing about. Yet today as you read this, it is a very real problem in many parts of the world and in Mozambique. Today Community teams from local Anglican churches are carrying out an emergency distribution of food to 235 families in Mecanhelas who are in desperate situations.

Lord Jesus, We thank you for the community teams and pray your protection on them as serve these vulnerable families. Give us your eyes to see other people’s problems and your heart to respond generously and wisely.

Lord in your mercy         Hear our prayer

Day 16: 25th Feb: Church-planting

This is a newly planted Anglican church in northern rural Mozambique. We are constantly hearing stories of new congregations springing up, people hungry to know more of Jesus and Pastors responsible for huge numbers of congregations across vast distances.

We rejoice at the life of your Spirit blossoming in new churches in village, town and city. Bountiful God, uphold them.

Lord in your mercy     Hear our prayer

Day 17: 26th Feb: Devotion

Most church leaders in Mozambique and Angola have day jobs in order to live and support their families and then they are Pastors alongside this work. Many also do lots of other things aswell,eg. studying for courses & degrees, growing their crops, caring for many sick and elderly and here as this Pastor is doing – gradually building his own house, brick by brick when he has time and funds. Such daily devotion to the work of the Kingdom is a challenge to all of us.

Strengthen priests and pastors in the many challenges of their ministries. Renew their joy and hope in your service, lift up those who are down-hearted and heavy laden.

Lord in your mercy     Hear our prayer

Day 18: 27th Feb: Leaders

The Anglican Youth in Angola are growing rapidly. They are not only the leaders of tomorrow but also leaders of today, of their generations and of others; impacting their communities for the Kingdom of God.

We give you thanks for the passion and energy of young Christians. May the joy of the Lord be their strength. Grow in them, Lord Jesus, your spirit of wisdom, compassion & humility.

Lord in your mercy     Hear our prayer

Day 19: 28th Feb: Women

Here are three Mother’s Union presidents – Monica Msossa (for 26 years until 1996) Gloria is the current President and Rev. Helen van Koevering (2004-9). Helen and her husband Bishop Mark, the last Bishop of Niassa, much loved & respected, lived in Mozambique for 28 years, first as community development workers and later holding various roles in the Diocese. Monica was telling Helen in this picture that she couldn’t dance in church this day as Helen & Mark were leaving. Incredible cornerstones of the church.

We give thanks for these women and their incredible sacrifice and devotion to their communities and churches. We ask you to bless them and their families and grow more women like them.

Lord in your mercy     Hear our prayer

Day 20: 29th Feb: Resilience

These local women are carrying firewood to burn bricks in order to build a maternity unit: a project initiated by volunteer teams from the Mozambican Anglican church. In a country where maternal mortality is very high, these projects can make a massive difference. The resilience that these women portray on a daily basis in the face of huge obstacles, spurs us on to do more.

We give you thanks for maternity units and pray for more provision. Keep mothers safe through childbirth, protect the new-born, uphold midwives and strengthen family life.

Lord in your mercy     Hear our prayer

Day 21: 1st March: Sanitation

Sanitation is not your typical word used to think about ‘hope in Anglican churches’….but it is definitely great news for these people. This is a rainwater harvesting tank recently built by the WASH project in the Diocese of Niassa, Mozambique at a local school. These are the newly trained up water committee. WASH projects have huge effects on health, hygiene and education for families. Read more about their work here.

We give you thanks for this WASH project and the work of others in developing countries. We pray for your blessing on their work and that doors will opened. 

Lord in your mercy     Hear our prayer

Day 22: 2nd March: Example

I love a church who leads by example yet it is often one of the hardest things to do. Here Bishop Manuel is reducing the stigma of HIV tests, still a huge issue in these communities. For more information on this amazing work in Mozambique, click here.

Lord Jesus, we ask for your courage & compassion for those living with HIV in Mozambique and Angola and for those who work with them and stand with them. 

Lord in your mercy     Hear our prayer

Day 23: 3rd March: Love

This wonderful man of God – Pastor Clemente from Uige in the Diocese of Angola died on New Years Day 2015. A faithful servant who was small in height but great in love. The life of the Anglican clergy in Angola and Mozambique is hard yet God’s love still shone from within Pastor Clemente. 

We give you thanks O Lord for your servants who have been faithful unto death. May they receive from you the crown of life.

 Lord hear us             Lord graciously hear us.

Day 24: 4th March: Ordination

You cannot fail to smile at the infectious enthusiasm and joy of the Lord in this photo. Aptly, Canon Philippa Boardman, MANNA trustee and one of the first London female Anglican priests,  celebrates with Albertina & Claudina, two of the first female Anglican priests in Mozambique at their ordination. As the churches in Mozambique and Angola grow rapidly so do the numbers of those ordained. 

May the church faithfully discern the gifts and calling of each and every member to build up the Body of Christ. Give confidence to the hesitant and the assurance of your presence.

Lord in your mercy   Hear our prayer.

Day 25: 5th March: Pass it On

Young Anglican Angolans in Uige, passing on the best gift in the world, the Gospel of Jesus Christ via the radio, TV & social media. Who have you passed on that gift to today? 

Lord Jesus, as young people communicate your Gospel through radio, music and social media, may a new generation hear and respond to your Word of life.

Lord in your mercy.   Hear our prayer.

Day 26: 6th March: Drama

In the build up to Easter, young Anglican Mozambicans in Niassa, doing a drama of the story on the road to Emmaus.  

Thank you for the gifts and creativity of young people in music, drama and dance. May they shine as lights for you in the world.

Lord hear us       Lord graciously hear us.

Day 27: 7th March: Determination

Over 100 Anglican volunteers working on the construction of a district office in Uíge, Angola until midnight one night to get it finished. 

Bless builders and craftspeople, giving freely of their time in Your service. Bless the work of their hands.

Lord in your mercy       Hear our prayer

Day 28: 8th March: Water

Padre Crispin & Gloria (New MU Diocesan President and lay reader) use a newly built pump bringing clean water outside Yohanna Abdullah church in Mozambique which itself brings the true life giving water of Jesus Christ. 

Lord Jesus, Refresh those who are thirsty as they work for justice. And give a thirst for justice to those of us who have so much.

Lord hear us           Lord graciously hear us.

Day 29: 9th March: Studies

MANNA trustees Christopher Cunliffe, John Tasker & Jake Cunliffe with Mansita Sangi discussing his PhD on the work of the Anglican church in Angola and how if affects the Millennium Development goals. 

We pray for all those engaged in academic study and for more opportunities for young people to fulfil their intellectual potential and to further your Kingdom. 

 Lord hear us.         Lord graciously hear us

Day 30: 10th March: Simplicity

The simplicity of a bell in a little rural Anglican church in Mozambique being rung for the day’s worship, calling all those to draw near to the Lord.

Beckoning God, as the bells ring out for worship, draw the lost, the prodigals, those who feel unworthy, those without hope – to gather around Your table. Nourish them with the Bread of Life.

Lord hear us         Lord graciously hear us.

Day 31: 11th March: Baptism

Baptisms are happening in rural village churches and large city churches, for old and young, men and women. Here in Lebombo diocese in Mozambique, Bishop Carlos baptises teenagers and adults with a simple chair and bucket. The life-giving water of baptism in Jesus Christ is for open to all, wherever and whenever. 

Lord, by your anointing Spirit, may your beloved people in villages, towns and cities grow in their new baptismal life in Christ.

Lord in your mercy     Hear our prayer

Day 32: 12th March: Adoration

This adoration is humbling: these young people are about to be baptised in Mozambique and they are giving of their whole selves to Jesus.

Lord, may we too learn to adore you with all of our beings, our lives, our talents, our finances, our homes and our hearts. 

Lord in your mercy     Hear our prayer

Day 33: 13th March: Joy

Its’ hard to find a photo of the Suffragan bishop of Niassa, Bishop Manuel that doesn’t show us his infectious wonderful smile. The huge growth in this diocese means multiplication of the diocese and here the suffragan Bishop here ordaining his first priests: all three radiate the joy that only comes from the Lord.

Lord Jesus, Give courage and wisdom to our Bishops as they lead God’s people – Bishop Andre, Bishop Carlos, Bishop Manuel. For the discernment of God’s Spirit in the election of the new Bishop of Niassa in September.

Lord in your mercy.   Hear our prayer

Day 34: 14th March: Gratitude

An attitude of gratitude is a wonderful way to live your life. It is one of the many things that we can learn from our sisters and brothers in Mozambique and Angola, like these ladies in Niassa and can transform daily life.

Lord Jesus, take away our moaning & complaining hearts and instead grow in us, attitudes of gratitude. Let us learn to be content with whatever we have and wherever we find ourselves. 

Lord in your mercy.   Hear our prayer

Day 35: 15th March: Community Priests

This is Padre Alberto, a 65 yr old “community priest” who works with 26 churches in Mecuburi, diocese of Niassa, Mozambique. The first community priests were ordained in Niassa in 2007 and since then 22 have been trained. They are different to “Diocesan Priests” because they are generally older, have had less formal education due to the war year difficulties, speak the local language and are recognized & supported by their communities where they remain in ministry. 

Lord Jesus, we pray for men and women like Padre Alberto, that you will continue to guide them and make them strong but humble leaders for your Kingdom. 

Lord in your mercy.   Hear our prayer

Day 36: 16th March: Holistic

For true change to occur in these communities, it needs to be holistic change encompassing all areas of people’s lives. This ‘less wood-burning stove’ is demonstrated by a women in the anglican church on the shores of Lake Niassa, bringing real change to everyday lives.

Lord Jesus, as we seek to work alongside these humbling people in Mozambique and Angola, we pray that we will always be aware your Gospel is holistic and concerned with our whole beings. 

Lord in your mercy.   Hear our prayer

Day 37: 17th March: Background

Whilst this isn’t the best photo, the story of this lady, Silvia Walia, is inspiring. Silvia, an MU worker for 14 years was presented with a St Mellitas medal from the Diocese of London for her outstanding and exemplary work behind the scenes in her church in Mozambique. She is known always as joyfully beavering away in the background and praying away quietly in a remote place, bringing God’s Kingdom where she is. May we also learn how to work in the background for you, Lord Jesus.

 For all the saints, who pray without ceasing, who uphold the people of God in ways we can never know. Encourage them O Lord in this powerful ministry, for theirs is the faith that moves mountains.

Lord in your mercy       Hear our prayer

Day 38: 18th March: Activists

These people don’t sit around and moan about a situation, they get up and do things to bring about change. They are local HIV activists: anglican church volunteers who creatively attract and teach large groups through locally contextualized theatre.


We pray for all those involved in HIV/AIDS education. Thank you for their commitment, creativity and compassion. Renew and uphold them in this ministry.

Lord in your mercy           Hear our prayer.

Day 39: 19th March: Health

It’s impossible to ignore the cries of our Anglican brothers and sisters in Angola and Mozambique who suffer in body as well as spirit. This is the Nora Sturges Health Centre in Lobito started by the Anglican church in Angola. Nora Sturges was Bishop Graham Dow’s late Mother-in-law. As we look towards Good Friday and ultimately Easter Sunday, we see that when we choose for Jesus, out of death comes resurrection. We thank you for those trailblazers who stand up for your way, Lord Jesus. We ask your blessing on health centres in Angola and Mozambique in amongst much sadness and suffering, may they be beacons for You.  Lord in your mercy           Hear our prayer.

Day 40: 20th March: Hosanna!

As we end our 40 stories of Good News from the Anglican churches of Mozambique and Angola and begin Holy Week, it seems apt to close with the celebrations from Palm Sunday today in Niassa, Mozambique (Thanks Rebecca http://rvmphotography.com). And to remember that whatever we face like these Mozambicans, we can say ‘Hosanna!’ and celebrate the light of the Lord Jesus Christ. We pray that across the Dioceses of Angola, Niassa and Lebombo as the people say ‘Hosanna!’, your Kingdom will come and your people will be transformed. 
 Lord in your mercy           Hear our prayer.